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Fckn Bstrds at ADM

Without much fuss, the Fckn Bstrds played at the 20th anniversary festival of ADM Amsterdam in October 2017: The last band to play, unannounced in a hidden corner on the terrain of the biggest cultural freespace of the Netherlands. It felt as though the organisation and technical support had abandoned the performers as the sound… Keep Reading

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The Happy Show

I saw Stefan Sagmeister’s ‘The Happy Show’ in Zürich. I knew of the exhibition concept as I had seen Sagmeister’s TED talk a while ago and knew of his work as a graphic designer. The exhibition reflected on thoughts on ‘Happiness’ as it, firstly, displayed statistics on how much money one needed to feel comfortable… Keep Reading

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Christmas Exclusion: A Contemporary Blackfacing Tradition

In the Netherlands, Christmas tradition involves Sinterklaas being accompanied by Zwarte Piet, a black-skinned ‘assistant’ who kids are made to be scared of. Usually, Piet is a blackfaced light-skinned person with fake Afro hair, large red lips and a traditional-looking outfit, similar to that of harlequin. Kids dress up as Zwarte Piet as do adults… Keep Reading

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